10 Best Dog Training Tools for New Dog Owners

Now that you’ve decided to adopt a new puppy, or adult doggy, it’s time to start thinking about the things you’ll need to help you start training. But where do you even begin? Just walk into any pet store and you can find yourself overwhelmed. There are so many different kinds of leashes, collars, dog foods, not to mention isles of toys.
Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it seems! You’ll just need a few essential items to begin with. Check out our list of the 10 best dog training tools for new dog owners to guide you through the process.

Treats – Treats are vital for training and serve as a reward. Make sure you choose a flavor that your dog really loves as it makes it even more effective. You’ll also want to read the ingredient list to make sure they don’t contain any soy, corn, wheat, or artificial colors/flavors.

Dental Chews – Dental chews are nice treats for your puppy or grown up dog. It helps satisfy their need to chew, keeps their teeth clean and their breath fresh. They often contain antioxidants and other nutrients that your pup needs.
Chew Toys – Chew toys are so useful for puppies that are going through their chewing phase. You may find yourself going through quite a few of them before he gets out of this stage. Try and purchase one that’s heavy duty, so you can save yourself some money. Some of those heavy duty ones have holes in the bottom so you can stuff them with treats. This will help encourage them to chew on the toy as if rewards a really yummy treat!

Chew Deterrent Spray – If you’ve just adopted a new puppy, you’ll want to be prepared for their chewing stage. Sprays, like Grannick’s Bitter Apple, will deter them from chewing on inappropriate items. They are safe for furnishings, including wood. They’re also safe to spray on your pup to stop them from chewing, gnawing or licking themselves. These would be especially useful if they have an injury, or engage in OCD behaviors that can cause them to chew themselves raw.
A Pooper Scooper – When you adopt your new furry friend, one of the first things that should be on your list is a pooper scooper! They make cleaning up after your dog so much cleaner and easier. Nobody likes to do it, but it’s a necessity and, in some places, the law. Unless you prefer to have a yard full of ‘you know what’, you’ll need one.

Waste Bags – Waste bags are also an essential. You can use them with your pooper scooper, or on their own. Either way, you’ll have a nice clean yard!

Stain and Odor Remover – It’s inevitable that your dog will have an accident or two in the house. There will also be occasions where their tummy’s might get upset and make a mess on your carpet. Hiring a carpet cleaner each time one of these things happen can become costly and unrealistic. A good stain and odor remover can be a life saver! Many of these products also work well for food, blood, grease, dirt, smoke and even perspiration stains. Definitely something you always want to have on hand!

Harnesses – One of the first things you’ll teach your dog is leash manners. A harness will gently discourage your dog from pulling while out on the leash. If you are the owner of a bigger dog, you’re well aware of how powerful their tugs can be! Look for harnesses that have a front-chest attachment. They will tighten across the dog’s chest and shoulders whenever they pull. Don’t worry, it’s a gentle, but firm grip, so your pup will experience no pain.

Leashes – If you prefer not to have a harness, or your dog no longer pulls, you’ll need a leash. The retractable leashes give your dog some freedom while your on your daily walks. My dog likes to smell around bushes, so this gives her the freedom to do so without my having to follow her into them. Retractables come with a “brake” button to restrict the line when needed as well.

Walk Through Gates – Gates are wonderful tools for training, especially for puppies. They teach your pup boundaries by keeping them from going into unwanted places. The walk through gates allow you to easily move in and out of the space without having to hop around. One of the great things about investing in one of these gates is that they can also be used to keep children out of unwanted places, giving it multiple uses.

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