3 Tips on Minimizing Loud and Unnecessary Dog Barking

Have you ever experienced traveling with your dogs barking excessively at the back seat? This is just enough to make someone go mad. First, note that any moving and still objects like windows, cars, people, and homes are more than enough to drive your dogs to react on territorial matters. Thus, leading to incessant dog barking which is annoying at times.

Most dog owners will get furious that they will start yelling at the dog to settle it down and stop its loud barking. The more you yell, the more it adds up to excitement to an already high anxiety levels of your dogs. Simply saying, your dogs will confirm that both of you are feeling the same and the situation will only end up a noisy one instead of calming things down. It just like you are fighting fire with another fire. Instead of stopping the flames, it just grows bigger.

There actually is good dog training alternatives for this. All there is needed is patience and determination so you can reduce the constant barking your dogs display while you are traveling around the city. Herewith are some tips to get you started on the right path.

1. From the start, if you wish for your dog to become calmer and more relaxed, become a good example to it. Play some soothing music and try to stay calm even when your dog starts to get excited and out of control. Calmly pat its head while talking to it using a calm voice tone. You will be astonished to how your dog will turn its attention back to you. It will learn how to enjoy the attention you are giving minus the irrelevant and constant barking.

2. For an intense good dog training technique, you can carry with you a small spray bottle wherein you can use this to spurt your dog whenever it barks too loudly. Most dogs despise having quick squirts on them and will immediately cease their barking when this happens. While you spray your dogs, make sure that you give out a really strong command to teach them. In time, you can get rid of the spraying and just use the same command as it will remind your dog how shocking an experience it is when it gets squirted at while barking. But never ever dump a pail of water on your dog. Simply stir clear from doing this because it just is not right.

3. The next time you drive or travel with your dogs, use barred enclosures or crates. Use a cage that is big enough to sit your dog in while you drive together with it. The crate must also be visually limited for the dog to not become excited with whatever it sees or hears. This is enough to stop loud barking from your dog any time. This can be difficult from the start but it will help.

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