Deer Antlers for Your Dogs

Dogs love to chew, so much in fact they may be chewing on your furniture, shoes, or person belongings. Most people will assume the best way to resolve this issue to stop your dog from chewing completely. This is wrong.
Chewing is a very natural habit that is enjoyable for your pet, it relieves stress and keep her entertained, similar to how you watch TV or browse the internet. So the solution is to just replace the shoes and furniture with something your dog will enjoy even more.

You may be surprised to learn that deer and elk antlers make the perfect healthy treat for the pet. No Deer is ever harmed during this process of retrieving these antlers, since they will naturally shed their own antlers and develop new ones frequently. Farms specializing in raising Deer will then collect these antlers and sell them.

They are perfectly harmless for the dog and are a great organic source of vitamins such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and iron. Antlers have no smell, are completely clean and don’t chip or splinter, and are very long lasting.

There are numerous benefits to choosing Deer Antlers for the canine:
They are natural and organic, since they are naturally grown and farmed.
Entirely odorless.

Since they are a totally unprocessed item they are easy on your dogs gastrointestinal system.

Deer Antlers are clean, and don’t leave behind a mess such as a pig ear or other greasy or gooey dog treat.

Typically they are collected naturally from when the Deers shed their antlers, so no harm was ever done to the deer in growing and collected these.
They don’t splinter or chip, so it’s perfectly safe for the animal to eat.
Generally these chews will last several weeks, as they retain a blood formulation inside, it is therefore recommended you acquire high quality mule deer antlers.

Most dogs like deer or elk antlers, although not every dog is identical, and yours may not like the taste. Even so, there are certain things you can do to encourage your dog. One idea is to simply soak part or all of the antler in water, this can naturally release the aroma of protein within the antlers and can certainly spark some attention with your pet. Also, this smell is totally unnoticeable to humans.

Deer antlers come in a number of sizes, and according to your dog size you should choose the appropriate size.

Always buy the size that matches your dogs size, and try to supervise your dog when first presenting the treat to ensure they do not attempt to swallow or break the antler. These are extremely hard and may break teeth if aggressively chewed.
Some chews can always have some remaining fuzz or textures on them, they are perfectly harmless and are frequent on deer chews.

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