Effective Ways to Communicate With Your Dog

How many times have you wished you could talk with your dog? Dogs right from the kennel or the pound have history. How can you learn what has happened to them? Dogs as young as six weeks can give you cues. They will show you their tendencies. Puppies have innate personalities. You can know how these puppies will interact with both humans and other dogs. Will they be protective? It will be there. Will they bite your kid? Maybe? This article is for novice trainers and new dog owners. We always get a dog, see a problem and then set out to fix it. If you learn a few key ways to communicate with your dog you can avoid trouble. If you do not then you may have to accept being his toy. He will rule your home If that is okay with you then read no further.

Dogs are pack animals who co-exist in the wild with one leader. We forget they were wild. Pack leaders bark, decide to mark their territory inside your bedroom and tear up your stuff. They bite, growl and terrorize other dogs and people. Dogs of all breeds, mixes and sizes fit this bill. Try not to own one unless you are willing to do the training. You must be the pack leader and dominant over your dog. He will like the position once he accepts it.

To communicate easier with dogs, look for a dog who will look you in the eye. The dog who never looks at you is a red flag. Dogs that do not respond to your voice or hand clapping are much more difficult to train because communication is difficult. Look for a dog that walks beside you and looks into your face. A dominated dog looks to the pack leader with sideward glances. The dog maintains contact with your eyes and checks in but he no longer stares at his owner.
Once you have your pet’s attention then talk to him in low tones and pet him. Listen carefully and wait to get an impression. Sometimes its very subtle. Many people can actually see pictures in their mind sent to them by the dog. Abuse victims send examples of the incidents. One psychic reported that she saw a picture of the dog being put out of a car and left by the side of the road. This particular dog seemed very sad and needy. Once in a stable home, she was easily trained and loyal. She loved being a house dog.

Learning to hear and speak mentally and psychically to a dog requires patience and practice. Psychics who do this regularly are not successful 100% of the time. There are factors within the dog that causes them not to trust anyone. This occurrence makes it obvious that empathy is required. It doesn’t matter if the seeker has psychic ability.

Combine conventional training with mental communication. Dogs can learn commands by rewarding their response with praise and treats. Repeat the commands often and mix them up with different prevents boredom. Send the commands mentally with the audible version and listen constantly. Eventually a mental response will come from the dog.

Dogs give strange looks and some can startle once they understand that you can hear them. They will send impressions and pictures. Practice is essential. Individual words can be heard and then complete thoughts. Some dogs will happily race around the owner and act just like the person has been away on a long response is rewarding and emotional for all parties.

The sky is the limit. Notification of what is going to happen to a dog is so appreciated by them. There are so many explanations for dogs. We can ask them to take a pill, be cooperative at the vet or the grooming parlor. We realize that the relationship between humans and dogs is now forever changed. There is some sadness to think that these relationships have always been possible. None of us knew. The same form of communication works with all animals. Wild or tame animals can teach us and talk to us. It is up to us to listen and learn.

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