How to Toilet Train a Dog

Learning how to toilet train a dog can be frustrating but it can also be lot of fun. One of the underlying factors I have found through walking my own dog is that people say that they do not have the time to teach toilet training methods to the dog and yes it is fundamentally true that it is easier when the dog is a pup but teaching it can be applied at virtually any age. Although with older dogs it is a lot more difficult.

The key thing when teaching your dog toilet training methods is Patience and Perseverance. You must keep a cool head as this is a training process and like with all other things don’t give up after the first attempt or after a few days/weeks as this is where perseverance becomes a major factor. When you have a child you teach the child as you go along. The same thing can be a blueprint for you to toilet train your dog too.

3 key factors I used myself when I was toilet training my dog were as follows and I found them to be quite helpful. A friend of mine gave me these 3 tips and I would like to share them with you.

1 – Dogs tend to be repetitious in their habits so keep an eye out for when they need to do there business as they will give you signs such as waiting at the door, ready to go outside. Dogs do not relieve themselves in places they tend to be familiar with.

2 – Do not scold the dog if they do have an accident whilst in your home or somewhere in a public place like a park. This will only cause distress to the dog and upset them and they are very likely to do it again. Clear up the mess with a dog bag discreetly and dispose of it in a proper manner. Issue a firm “NO” to the dog and look at them straight in the face and this has more of an impact that scolding. This method works but again patience and perseverance play a major role here.

3 – Trust,
You dog needs to gain your trust and trust is a very important part here. Whenever your dog has an accident in the house say, it needs to feel safe in the knowledge that they are not going to be severely punished for it and it needs this for self-confidence and gaining your trust will only help you in toilet training your dog.

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