puppy, golden retriever, dog

How To Welcome A New Puppy Into Your Family

It doesn't matter if you live in the San Francisco area or any other area of the country, your dog is going to be a very important part of your life. As a matter of fact, many people consider the dog to be an extension of the family and they may even treat them better than the human members of the family in some cases. Although I am not advocating that type of infrastructure within the family, I am admitting that it does exist but there are times when problems could occur. This is especially the case if you have an animal that does not fit well in the family. What can be done to keep this from happening or to correct the problem, should it exist.

puppy, golden retriever, dog

First of all, it's important for me to say that having a good dog starts with the most basic puppy training that is available. The type of training that you do is going to depend upon you and the Bay area dog training classes that you take. It is generally recommended that the dog be a certain age before the training begins and this is something that can be discussed with the trainer in advance. In either case, you are going to want to start with some basic puppy obedience even before those classes start. For example, you would want to teach your dog how to go to the bathroom outside and to correct some of the problems that can occur with puppies, such as chewing.

Once you are able to take the puppy to classes, you will find that the learning is quite accelerated. Understanding the basic obedience commands can make a dog a more welcome part of the family and can certainly make them pleasant to have around. You should also consider the fact that a well-trained dog is going to be a safe dog, as it will listen to your commands if danger is looming. Simply having your dog sit on command is going to have many benefits, not even to mention having them come on command or stay when told to do so.

As your dog begins to understand the basic obedience commands, you might consider the possibility of taking advanced classes. Those advanced classes are not simply for an animal that is undergoing a specific purpose, such as one that is going to be shown regularly. Advanced obedience classes can help you to develop more of a bond with your dog and can reinforce the basic obedience commands that were established early in their life.

There may also be times when the obedience classes that were given early in life were unsuccessful. Your dog may develop aggressive tendencies or perhaps may have problems, such as excessive barking or digging. When these problems occur, it's a good idea for you to contact a dog trainer that is going to give you specialized training and advice. By coming to your home and providing the training in your area, your dog will develop the characteristics that are desirable.

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