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Rules of Dog Safety for Kids

We need to clear off some of the cutsie crap on the refrigerator door. All of those crayon drawings of rainbows and unicorns need to make room for these important rules that your kids need to know when they encounter a dog.

We wouldn't want your children to get traumatized by a mutt who is just as afraid of some dopey young human as the child will be of them once they show the kid some teeth.
Now that you've filed-away those wonderful works o' art that aren't worth the magnet that stuck them on the fridge, here's what you need to post. Make sure your spittin' images read this carefully and often. You say they can't read. Teach them. You're not busy.

Pet Rules for Kids

• Don't mess with a dog that's eating.
• Let sleeping dogs lie. If they have their eyes closed, go away.
• Always ask permission from an adult before you come up to a dog.
• If you have permission, let the dog to come up to you and sniff your closed fist.
• If the dog isn't interested, don't push things. Move on, kid.
• Never come-up to a dog from behind.
• Do not pet a strange dog directly on the top of their head. Gently stroke their side or their back.
• If a dog comes up to you and it feels weird, curl-up into a ball with your head facing down and your hands clasped behind your neck. Don't move until the dog goes away.
• If you ever get snapped by a dog, once again curl-up into a ball with your head facing down and your hands clasped behind your neck. Don't move until help arrives.
• Some dogs don't like to be hugged or kissed.
• Never tease, abuse or chase a dog.
• Never stare into a dog's eyes - that means you want to fight.
• Do not pet dogs who are:
o In cars
o Sick or hurt
• Get an adult to help if a dog is trapped or tangled-up. Don't do it yourself.
• Any dog that comes up to you, don't scream. Don't run. Stand still and cover your face and eyes with your hands.
• Always be kind to any animal.
• If there is a loose dog in your neighborhood. Do not touch it. Tell your parents.
• Never push a dog off the furniture. Get an adult to handle that job.
Dogs are living things, not toys. Respect them and they will be your best friend. Oh. And never, ever bite a dog. They will bite back.

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