Runaway Dog!

Every time you open the door, out of thin air, your dog flashes by and runs outside. Are they giving you the message that you’re a lousy warden and they want to blow this prison?

Probably not. Most likely it’s because you screwed-up in the first place and let the mutt run outside just once. It could have been to chase a squirrel or to urinate on one of the neighbor’s kids. The issue is that you let it happen, so the canine now thinks its O.K.

When you accidentally allow your pet to dash outside you gave the dog permission to sniff the air of unlimited boundaries – until they are pancaked by a truck. Even after the vet inflates the pup back to its normal shape you’d think they’d remember the last time they darted to freedom. They don’t. And inflating a flat dog can cost some serious money after a while.

Let’s do these things:
• Bond with your puppy or dog. If they don’t like you, do you really think they’re going to listen?
• Let your best friend pee or whatever before you start any training session. It’s just logical, as Mr. Spock would say. Really hard to get your puppy to pay attention if they really have to go outside to do their thing.
• The most valuable and important directions you must teach your canine is to “stay” and “sit.” Incorporate hand gestures into the vocal commands, too.
• Eliminate all distractions during any training exercises. You want them to concentrate on you and not the giant, 35-pound rib-eye tied to a nearby tree.
• After they start to get it, then you can introduce some distractions. Go small. Thirty-five-pound rib-eyes will totally dent your budget.
• Practice the training every day. After you’ve gotten the “stay” and “sit” stuff down pat, think about enrolling the pup into some type of basic obedience class.
• Make sure that everyone in the house is on board when it comes to the incredible dashing dog. You’re going to have to train more than just the pup, you likewise need to train those humans.
• One thing everyone has to learn is that they should never touch the doorknob until they know exactly where the dog is. You pet needs to be as far away from the door when it’s opened.
• Having some people over for a visit? Put the mutt on their leash and heeled. After they enter, close the door and release the canine.
• When it’s time for your guests to hit the road, make sure you don’t reach for the doorknob until the small furry one is either secured or far, far away from the door. And don’t stand there with the door open.
• If everything fails (which is pretty unlikely) crate or leash your dog before you open the door.

A final suggestion. When the dog comes back inside after flirting with the great unknown, do not punish the little guy. Tacking another 5-years on their sentence will not make them love their warden.

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