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The Basic Tips When It Comes To Training Your Pet Dogs

One of the most satisfying characteristics of being a pet owner is being able to train your dog. However, as much as we all like our dogs to follow our different commands, dog training is not that simple. Training our dogs involve time, patience, dedication, and love. It is sometimes a long process. This is precisely one of the reasons why people are asking for the dog trainer's help. Nevertheless, if we all do it right, we will be able to see great results. There are various things that one should never forget when it comes to training your pet dogs.

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First and foremost, before you even start the training process, you have to determine your dog's age and breed. Determining this is very important as you would be able to gauge your dog's personality or behavior and adjust your training to fit your dog's personality. As we all know, there are a lot of dog breeds that exist worldwide. There is a big difference when it comes to training one breed from another. An excellent example would be training German shepherds versus training Siberian huskies. Both breeds can be trained using the same methods. However, training a Siberian husky would require much patience, dedication, and love compared to training a German shepherd since huskies are not eager to please their masters.

When it comes to the dog's age, you also have to adjust. There are dogs that were, unfortunately, not trained at that age. For those who own dogs belonging to this category, you must understand that it would be hard to train them. The best time to train your dog would be when they reach six to eight weeks of age. This is the time where they would start to understand the simple commands that you would teach them. Although, you have to remember that they are still puppies. Training them is equivalent to handling a two year old child.

Second, there are several training methods to choose from such as Koehler, Clicker, Eclectic, Lure, Play. The Koehler method is basically known to be a harsh way to train your pet dog since this is about rewards and correction. If the command you are teaching the dog is not followed, you will have to correct the dog by, for example, pulling its leash when your dog does not respond to the command, "Stay!" The clicker method is basically a clicker-reward response that uses a small device or anything which makes a click sound or a low pitched sound that helps with the training.

The eclectic method is basically a combination of numerous training methods that is known to deliver the best behavioral training results. The lure method is the most popular training method that even beginners use as it basically uses any kind of lure which is something that the dog likes such as a treat or a toy that your dog likes to use it as a form of reward. The play training is basically a fun filled training method that motivates the dog's main drives which is to play and prey. This kind of method is usually great for Siberian husky breeds as they would be able to make use of their pent-up energy as well as learn and enjoy with you.

In conclusion, when it comes to training your pet dog, there are several things to take into consideration for you to actually be successful with this. As aforementioned, you have to consider the dog's age and breed. There are several dog training methods that you can make use of to train your pets. However, you must not forget that dogs are man's best friend. Therefore, you have to take care of them and not traumatize them during this process of learning. As the owner and master, you have to make them respect you as the Alpha without being harsh on them.

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