Why Obedience Training for Dogs Is Crucial

Despite the fact that there are very many obedience classes for dogs nowadays, most dog owners still don’t bother to attend even one. They assume they can handle the training of their dog and save on the time and cost they would have otherwise spent attending a proper structured class. More often than not this fails with the owners ending up being frustrated as they try to teach the puppies’ basic obedience training.

Sometimes in frustration they end up yelling at the poor animal which only serves to make them more irritable and destructive. If not corrected animals become too mischievous and the owners are reduced to constantly checking up on the dog to ensure they do not destroy anything. Eventually this routine ends up making both the dog and the owner miserable.
It is very important not to under estimate the importance of obedience training. The training does not only benefit the dog but the owner and the rest of the people in the home. Obedience training helps establish the pet/master relationship which of course results in the dog knowing that you are in control.

Through obedience training the dog learns right from wrong hence raising the safety level for both the dog and those who are around him. No matter how cute your animal looks, you must always remember that it is still an animal and has to be taught proper behavior and he has to know who is master.

Dogs should never be left to reign free but must be taught obedience because an untrained dog also causes unhappy neighbors. For instance basic skills like leash training, biting management, barking control will go a long way in helping the dog adjust well in the new surroundings.

The owner will be comfortable knowing the dogs barking doesn’t wake the whole neighborhood, and guests especially children are not afraid of coming over due to biting or excessive barking. The animal will also not go around the house destroy things such as carpets and couches in the house.

If you do not teach your dog it will teach itself making it too much to handle probably even ending up back in the animal shelter. To avoid this, incorporate the obedience training which will show the dog the rules and how they should follow them. Through rewards for doing a good job the dog will be motivated to follow the set rules that will help the dog owner breathe a little easier.

When he does something wrong he has to be corrected in order to avoid a repeat of the same. Apart from rules the dog also learns the common commands such as: down, come, stay, heel, fetch and leave it.

Obedience training is not always serious as it sounds, it can also be fun for both the dog and the owner to enjoy. It is a special moment that helps the dog bond well with you which will make implementing the rules a little easier. This is because the dog will be more relaxed, confident and receptive to instruction.

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