Teaching Puppies to Stop Biting

During the puppy stage, puppies like to poke their teeth into just about anything. Although this mild biting and nipping starts off as fun, it can become a major problem down the road. After all, your puppy won’t be little forever, and the bites will become more painful and possibly aggressive as time passes. Fortunately, … Read more

Teach a Puppy to Walk on a Leash

Teaching your puppy how to walk on a leash is one of the first training lessons you should give your pup. This lifelong skill will make your dog more manageable, easier to walk and safer when leaving the home. Best of all, walking your pup will be a positive experience that the both of you … Read more

Teach a Puppy to Sit

Teaching your puppy to sit is part of obedience training and is a useful command that teaches your pup social etiquette �” at least in a dog’s world. When you first start working with your puppy, do short sessions of ten minutes so that your pet won’t become bored. If he seems disinterested, stop the … Read more

Teach a Puppy to Not Be Possessive Over Food

Some puppies are possessive over their food. If you wait until the problem corrects itself, you’ll have a larger, adult dog on your hands that may bite or growl anytime someone comes around the food bowl. Instead, now is the time to teach your puppy not to be aggressive over his food bowl so that … Read more

Teach a Puppy Not to Jump Up

Puppies love to jump and without knowing it, we often encourage them to jump more. Consider that when you arrive home from work, your puppy jumps up at you and receives attention and maybe even a hug. If you push your puppy down after repeated jumps, he’ll think you’re playing and just continue to jump … Read more

Socializing a Puppy

You may think that puppy socialization happens naturally as your pet spends time with you and your family, but it’s a more involved process than that. Puppy socialization takes place in the first 16 weeks of life, and these weeks shape the type of dog that the puppy will grow into. Puppies that are not … Read more

Reducing Aggression in Puppies

It’s easy to assume that a puppy will grow out of his aggressiveness, but unless this behavior is corrected, he won’t. Puppies act aggressive for a variety of reasons such as being territorial, defensive or anxious. For example, a puppy that acts aggressive when you approach his toys or food is showing possessiveness, while a … Read more

Puppies and Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common emotional problems found in puppies. If you find that your new furry friend gets very anxious when you leave for work, the store or a friend’s house, your pup may be suffering from separation anxiety.  Not all nervous behaviors in your dog are indicative of separation anxiety, … Read more