House Training a Puppy

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House training a puppy is one of the more burdensome tasks of bringing home a furry friend. Even with all the training techniques, instructor-led classes and reinforcement toys, the success of house training lies in your own strategy and its execution. In fact, training a puppy starts with you devising a plan before your puppy … Read more

Crate Training a Puppy

Crate training is one of the most popular, successful training methods used by dog owners and dog trainers. Although at first glance a crate may not look like much of anything, to a dog it’s a very essential part of life. Dogs view their crates as their own special dens that are both familiar and … Read more

Controlling Puppy Barking

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Although a puppy’s consistent barking can be annoying, it’s just as natural to him as breathing is. He uses barking to communicate his needs such as being scared, wanting attention, warning you of a visitor or wanting to play. Even though braking is normal, there are ways to limit your pup’s vocals so that he … Read more

Controlling Excitement Urination

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Excitement urination is quite common in puppies and occurs when they get excited or scared. The muscles cannot hold in the urine any longer and then release it, causing the puppy to pee. Basically, the puppy is getting so excited, he just can’t control his bladder function any longer. Although it can be frustrating to … Read more

7 Basic Approaches to Work Your Dog’s Mind

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Probably the most widespread issues pet dog owners have is the fact that they don’t continue to keep their dogs occupied enough. Whenever a dog becomes bored to tears, they get destructive so when your dog becomes destructive, its masters get angry. But, more often than not, the never-ending cycle is preventable when you just … Read more

Dogs and Food Aggression

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A dog that has food aggression, also known as canine possession aggression (CPA), can be a potentially dangerous, or violent one at meal time. While they may be sweet as pie otherwise, the introduction of food, treats or a tasty rawhide suddenly transforms them into a snarling beast. You, as the alpha dog, should be … Read more

THREE Easy Steps That You Can Do To Build Eye Contact With Your Dog

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One of the most important things that you need to teach your dog is eye contact. You can always tell when a dog is truly well trained when you see them constantly looking up at their owners. Teaching your dogs to make eye contact with you is fantastic and should be incorporated into all of … Read more

Using Positive Reinforcement And Rewards To Train Your Dog

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Training dogs using positive reinforcement and reward training has long been seen as both tremendously effective for the owner and a positive experience for the dog. Positive reinforcement training is so effective that it is among the main methods used to train wild animals like lions and tigers for work in circuses and in the … Read more