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Controlling Excitement Urination

Excitement urination is quite common in puppies and occurs when they get excited or scared. The muscles cannot hold in the urine any longer and then release it, causing the puppy to pee. Basically, the puppy is getting so excited, he just can’t control his bladder function any longer. Although it can be frustrating to have your pup pee with every bit of excitement, it’s not something that he can control and therefore, it’s not fair to punish, pup, eurasier puppy

Like other behaviors, some dogs are more prone to excitement urination because they tend to be more submissive than other breeds. Cocker spaniels and Daschunds for example, see their owners as being dominant, so they are more likely to experience submissive urination. Even those dogs that are housetrained may still experience excitement urination, especially in situations where you greet your pet with an over-affectionate hello, when guests arrive, when you’re playing indoors or when your pet is frightened over a loud noise.

The good news is that as your puppy grows and gains more control over her bladder, the urination will lessen and may even stop for good. In the meantime, the best tactic is to control the situations where your pet becomes over-excited. For example, when coming home after work, don’t get down on your knees and starting fussing over your pet. Ignore her for a few minutes until she has calmed down and then approach her. You can also ask guests to do the same; ignore your furry pal until she has calmed and can handle the excitement.

You can practice with your pet by leaving the home, re-entering and following through with the above steps by ignoring your pet for a few moments. You can then greet him and give him all the attention he wants. Keep in mind that your pet is not even aware of the urination, so scolding him will be ineffective. Also remember that if your pet really has to go to the bathroom, any action can trigger the process to happen right then and there. If your pup has been sitting in his cage all day, immediately let him outdoors and greet him out there. You can also offer him a small treat, as this will redirect his attention.

If your dog still struggles with excitement urination, you may want to take her to the veterinarian to rule out any underlying reasons. There are certain medical conditions that could make it difficult for your pet to control his urges. Otherwise, know that in time, the situation will improve and that with regular exposure to exciting stimuli, your pet will better learn to control his excitement.

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