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Dog Breeds – Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher originated from Germany and was used on farms for hunting vermin. Because of their small size they made good companions and were favored over larger dogs by people living in the cities. They were used in the bedrooms to get rid of mice and were also used as entertainment because they were considered to be funny dogs. Affenpinschers were also excellent travelers and were able to adapt to change very easily.

dog, affenpinscher, pet
Image from Pixabay via idamkilde

The breeding of these dogs was discontinued with the beginning of World War II. In the 1950's the breeding was revived but they are still a fairly rare breed, even today.

Affenpinschers are known for their monkey-like face and their many unusual facial expressions. Even though they are small in size they are very athletic and are good hunting dogs. The head of an Affenpinscher is round in shape and there is a very noticeable stop between the eyes and the muzzle.

Their nose is very distinguished and their hair grows away from the nose with a beard around the mouth. The eyes are round and are black in color. The coat is thick and rough. They come in a variety of colors and the coat is relatively easy to care for.

The Affenpinscher is a toy terrier with a lot of energy and curiosity. However, he is more active than most toy dogs. They are very good watch dogs and are most intuitive when meeting new people for the first time. The Affenpinscher likes its own space and generally will become excitable if approached by unfamiliar people or dogs.

You can be sure that Affenpinschers will get along very well when raised from early on with other pets. This type of breed is extremely stubborn and will have temper tantrums if not trained properly. Giving into their tantrums is not wise as these breeds of dogs are highly intelligent and will do well if patiently trained.

Like most terrier dogs it's recommended that you avoid teasing Affenpinschers as this could cause a negative effect in their behavior.

Affenpinscher puppies do not do well with small children; they are fearful of loud noises and playful children that may react too harshly towards it.

Even though the Affenpinscher is a good family dog and is very loyal to its owners, it is mostly good around older children that know how to handle this type of breed. The Affenpinscher, if introduced to other pets as a puppy, will do well. If taught early enough they can be extremely good company.

This type of dog does not do well if left alone for long periods; it is wise that they should be around people most of the day. The Affenpinscher can be very territorial and can be very possessive of their food, toys and bedding. Generally, many Affenpinschers become quite aggressive if they feel that their space is being invaded by others.

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