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The English bulldog, commonly known as the Bulldog, is a descendant of the Asiatic mastiff and was originally from the British Isles. The bulldog's name came from the fact that it looked like a little bull and also from its use in bull fighting arena's to bait the bulls. Attacking a bull was accomplished by going for its neck where the bull was the weakest. This was commonly practiced until the 1800's when it was banned.

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Bulldogs are a part of the mastiff family and stand about 12-16 inches high and weigh approximately 49-55 pounds. They have short legs and stand very wide and compact. They are medium-sized dogs with extra skin folds bunching on the face and the body. They have a black nose with a wide pug muzzle. They have deep set eyes, small ears on the top of their head, and a low tail that is either straight or screwed. Broad, square jaws are defined by their large under bite. Their coats are short, flat, and very smooth with a variety of colors: brindle, red brindle, solid red and pale yellow to name just a few hues.

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Finding a more loyal and gentle family pet is difficult as bulldogs are very affectionate and dependable. They look intimidating, but since the practice of fighting bulldogs in the bull arena was banned, they have been bred to be very gentle. They are very protective of their family and make a terrific guard dog. Intruders are not welcome. They are very dependable dogs and very persistent.

As young dogs, Bulldogs have an abundance of energy, - and as they grow, their metabolism slows. They snore and drool and slobber and pass gas. Because of their large under bite, they are also very messy eaters.

Bulldogs are a fantastic indoor dog since they are very inactive. They chill easily in the cold and overheat in hot temperatures. They require human interaction and attention and will seek out that attention if they are feeling deprived.

For the Bulldog's happiness, owners must display strong leadership in their house. If a Bulldog does not sense this leadership, they will take over by guarding food, toys, furniture, and other objects. They will also display aggressiveness toward other dogs. Bulldogs have a habit of successfully taking charge of their humans. For a strong, healthy and happy dog, it is important to walk your Bulldog every day. It is essential that a Bulldog gets a walk everyday to fulfil its canine instinct to migrate. When taking a walk, the Bulldog is most comfortable when heeling or walking behind their owner. As previously stated, they feel most comfortable when their owner is the leader, and a leader is always in front.

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