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Dog Breeds – French Bulldog

The French Bulldog originated in France amidst the 1800s industrial revolution. During this time, its ancestor, the English Bulldog was exceedingly prevalent in the United Kingdom. As the breed became overpopulated, many were sent away and distributed across to France. French breeders took immediate interest in the canines, which were then crossed among other breeds. The spawned new breed was the was the French Bulldog, an intelligent, non-sporting variety of the original toy dog.

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The unique Bulldog breed was initially seen in America 1896 during a Westminster Kennel Club show in the United States. In 1898, the French Bulldog was successfully registered into the American Kennel Club. Later in 1912, the breed gained additional membership into the canine club of Great Britain. Today, the French Bulldog is respected worldwide as a conventional dog breed.

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The French Bulldog is an often favorable choice for a family pet and canine companion. The dogs are frequently adored by many people, especially for their rare appearance.

The French Bulldog is notably small in size, though sturdy in its physical build. The standard coat of the breed is commonly short, sleek and shiny. The Bulldog's coat is simple and a convenience to its owners with minimal grooming required for the breed.

Although the coat of a French Bulldog is simple, the breed's skin is remarkable in physical appearance. Skin folds and wrinkles on the Bulldog's upper frame are seen as significant, defined features. People often recognize the Bulldog because of this rare "wrinkly" look, which is even conceived as "cute" and adorable.

Ultimately, the French Bulldog exhibits an original appearance and incredible, physical distinction.

The temperament of the French Bulldog is most celebrated by their loving families and proud caretakers. The breed is notorious for its outgoing, energetic personality and playfulness. Since they certainly crave attention, French Bulldogs also dislike being ignored by their owners. If neglected, the dog will grow increasingly restless, deprived and considerably upset. Attention is therefore an absolute necessity for a French Bulldog's happiness and well being.

While the French Bulldog is remarkably gregarious in character, they are additionally humorous and vivacious. The comical spirit of the breed is bold, as the playful canine is also nicknamed "the clown."

Although Bulldogs are vibrant animals, their personality isn't always agreeable. Males can become especially aggressive towards other male animals and even humans. The male French Bulldog has a natural desire to compete, and strives to become the alpha male.

The Bulldog breed is also consistently willful and persistent, especially towards authority figures. Owners should challenge this rebellion, and develop their assumed sense of leadership. French Bulldogs are, however, wonderful pets for those who are patient and determined.

Although French Bulldogs are sociable and friendly animals, they often favor the company of a single individual. The canine will usually build a loyal bond of love and trust, while most partial to its caretaker. The unwavering friendship between a French Bulldog and its owner is actually quite common.

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