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Dog Breeds – German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a large breed that originated in Germany. Originally, they were more of a work dog for herding and guarding sheep. However, with their intelligence and training abilities, they became widely known as military, police, and guide dogs. They have a keen sense of smell, a strong sense of duty, and an ability to work regardless of the distractions. The German Shepherd is considered to be the third most intelligent breed of dog, as well as being very obedient.

german shepherd, dog, animalThe German Shepherd is a very strong and alert breed with a sturdy, noble appearance. They usually stand between 22-26 inches tall and weigh in the vicinity of 50-85 pounds.

Their coloring can be of many varieties but the most common colors are tan/black and red/black. They are also known for their beautiful brown eyes and black facial mask.

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While Germans are usually known to be versatile, intelligent, strong and loyal companions, some see German Shepherds as being an aggressive breed of dog perhaps because they work as police dogs. However, this is not the case. Germans carry out much police work due to their ability to be easily trained and because they have a great sense of smell.

A German Shepherd is an extremely loyal breed that would be willing to put their life on the line for their owner. Their appearance alone speaks of confidence, strength and alertness.

The German Shepherd actually makes a great family dog. If an owner ensures proper socialization, the German Shepherd is great with kids and adults alike. While loyal and protective, they are also sweet and loving to their family or their "pack".

Your German will love to play games and spend a lot of its time participating in fun family activities and games.

They're a highly active breed and don't tend to like to be left alone. You should make sure, if wanting to adopt a German, that you have lots of time to give it and many opportunities for interaction.

The average life span of a German Shepherd is 9-10 years, which is common for most pure bred dogs. The most common ailments in the German Shepherd breed is hip and elbow dysplasia.

Grooming is essential for the German Shepherd and it would be beneficial to make sure that you take the time to brush your German Shepherd at least twice per week or, even better, daily. Bathing of Germans, like many dogs, should be kept to a minimal as long as your dog doesn't smell. Bathing your German too often can mean that the natural oil within the fur gets depleted.

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