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Dog Breeds – Greyhound

Suki 4The Greyhound breed dates back over 4000 years ago. This majestic and intellectual breed has been loved and respected by royal families and nobles since before Biblical times.

The Middle Ages saw a royal enamour with the breed. Their exceptional hunting skills and speed had earned the breed a place in the hearts and courts of royal families. This brought about rulings that held harming one of these animals as a capital offense. It had also become forbidden for any commoner to be in possession of a Greyhound.


The Greyhound is one of the most streamlined canines. They are aerodynamically built for speed. Long, strong legs, slim body and a deep chest allows them to reach running speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. The male Greyhound can be between 28 and 30 inches tall at the shoulders and the female Greyhound is between 27 to 28 inches at the shoulders.

Both genders also have very short hair, which makes them ideal for individuals with allergies. The combination of having no undercoat and having shorter hair means less pet dander.

Even though the Greyhound can run amazingly fast, they are not a high energy dog. In fact, the Greyhound can get by with around 20 minutes of exercise per day. Since the Greyhound is born rather slim, one must watch the amount of physical exertion they engage in. The weight of the Greyhound is a concern as they sometimes go off their food so it is important that they eat a healthy regular diet.

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This breed is very quiet. They are the ideal canine companion for urban dwellers. "Easy to train and quiet as a cat", is what they say about Greyhounds. They are also very gentle dogs. They have an affectionate nature and are easily adaptable to various environments. The Greyhound also loves the vitality and energy of children and will even get along with cats.

It is not suggested that a Greyhound be chosen if one is looking for a guard dog. They do not have strong territorial instincts. This, and their even temperament, do not rank them high in guard dog abilities.

greyhound, race, snow
Image from Pixabay via Bob63

Greyhounds do, however, make excellent companions. They are very loyal to their masters. The owner of a Greyhound typically does not have to worry about losing their dog.

The Greyhound is a very intelligent dog. They can be taught tricks, and taught to perform simple tasks. They understand a wide variety of commands as well. Their exceptional intelligence makes them extremely quick learners. This, along with their keen eyesight and razor sharp senses, makes them the ideal companion for hunting trips.

They love to chase things and can always be counted on for a good game of fetch. Their love of the chase is one reason why their owners tend to keep them on a leash in populated areas. Well-meaning but playful, they tend to chase whatever catches their eye. In an urban area this tendency can prove to be dangerous for them.

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