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Dog Breeds – Miniature Pinscher

Minature Pincsher come from Germany. A careful mix of Dachshund, Doberman, German Pinscher and Greyhound, this breed was originally developed to keep rats and rodents out of barnyards and stables.

Often hailed as "The King of Toys" their mini talents include; competitiveness, obedience, agility and guarding property. Their small size makes them effective watchdogs when around large animals.

Because of this small size, they are not perceived as a threat, which makes it safe for them to negotiate on the ground around hoofs and boots.

These little guys have a smooth, short haired, shiny black and brown coat. They look almost exactly like a miniature Doberman Pinscher.

This is especially true when they are prancing about in search of something. It is most likely this is true because the Mini Pinscher and the Doberman were both bred primarily from the German Pinscher.

Some say there is "just a dash of Dachshund" in order to re-enforce the mini short hair size, color and coat. In general, there sizes range in height: dogs are around 10-12 inches and bitches run a little smaller at 10-11 inches. For the weight, male dogs are 8-10 pounds and females run about 8-9 pounds.

Mini Pini's are hardy little guys. They are proud, courageous and loyal. They are alert, spirited and very high energy.

They are brave, intelligent and lively companions and Mini Pinschers do well with children other pets.

This can be dependent on training, though. With these Minis there can be a risk of small dog syndrome. This is a human-induced condition that sets in when training fails to signal to the little guardian just who the pack leader really is.

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They are sweet unless allowed to tell you what to do. This can create a barky, head-strong little demon. If your Mini doesn't perceive you as top dog, aggressiveness with others sets in. Firmness in training is key.

Mini Pinschers are very eager to learn. It helps to become well educated about their training. Classes with the puppy are highly recommended.

The doggy classroom setting makes it easy to introduce them to other dogs and strangers, which makes training easier.

It may be surprising to see how eager these little guys are to understand and obey. Be thorough and careful with housebreaking, as teeny puddles can be hard to spot.

A well balanced Mini Pin has few behavior problems. When well trained they can be ideal for apartment life. They can do well without a yard provided they get their daily walk with their favorite "pack".

Be sure they are well protected from the cold. They look so cute in those teeny-weeny sweaters.

As with most dog breeds, play does not replace the pack-walk. This is a primal instinct for all dogs, and not having it can lead to behavior problems.

They are adventurous as well. Any yard they have to use, will be explored to the utmost, likely with many attempts to escape and romp.

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