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Just one look at this fascinating little dog and you will understand how it got the name the "American Gentlemen." The Boston Terrier is a product of an imported dog, named "Hooper's Judge", who was sold to a man in Boston, for fighting purposes in 1870. The name Boston Terrier was officially adopted in 1891, named after the city of Boston Massachusetts, and was accepted into the American Kennel Club in 1893. This true American breed is a cross between The English Bull dog and the English White Terrier, and the distinctive color and markings sets him apart from other breeds.

The breed stands between 15 and 17 inches, and should weigh between 10 and 25 pounds, but do not to exceed the 25 pound mark. He should be short and study in stature, while looking square to the naked eye. His head should be in total proportion with the rest of the body, with eyes that are wide, large, round and dark in color. The skull should be well defined and completely free of wrinkles, with ears small and very erect. The coat is smooth, short and bright in color. When in motion, he should show a constant rhythm to his gait.

The Boston Terrier processes a gentle nature and a good disposition, making him a good family pet or companion. He is highly intelligent and easily trained, but needs a firm and confident hand. He can easily become the pack leader, showing that he is the boss, and causing big problems down the line.

Without the proper training, he can become dominate and unruly, not wanting to back down from a fight with another dog. He loves to learn though, and is very affectionate, loving and is friendly to almost everyone.

Moderate exercise, such as a long daily walk, is all he really needs to keep him in shape; making him adaptable to a small apartment or a big yard. He is exceptionally reliable with the elderly and young children, if properly socialized.

The Boston Terrier is basically a quiet canine, but a natural watch dog, - knowing when and why to bark at given times. Wanting to become a major part of the family, you will often find him lounging around in his favorite chair, but will enjoy your company.

With his short, fine coat, only minimum grooming will be necessary to keep him in top shape. If your ideal dog is a small, fun loving, happy go lucky and affectionate companion with a long life span, then the Boston Terrier may be just what you are looking for. This little guy, sporting his tuxedo and American gentleman look, will have all heads turning, while putting a big smile on their faces, as well as yours.

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