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Often called the class clown, the Boxer is a breed that will keep everyone entertained for hours. This is a family dog if ever there is one. He takes his "pack" status as protector and companion extremely seriously.

This is a breed that has its roots firmly planted in German soil. It is theorized that the Boxer originated from bulldog breeds and a combination of two German mastiff breeds. This noble, fun breed was developed in the 19th century as an all-purpose working dog, helping hunters track and trap large game, pull carts and round up livestock. Later, because of their gregarious and fun-loving nature, they were used in theater and the circus.

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The Boxer is a compact and powerful dog. The head is nicely proportionate to the body. The head is distinctive because of the short, blunt muzzle which gives it a "squared-off" look. Ears can be left natural or cropped for show purposes. The long, straight front legs provide the Boxer his ability to "box" when playing or fighting. He comes with a smooth, short coat and extra efforts should be taken to protect the Boxer in colder climates. His colours are fawn, brindle, mahogany, black with white markings and pure white. The tail can also be left natural or docked and minimal grooming is required for the Boxer.

This is a high-energy dog with a jolly good nature. The Boxer loves nothing more than to go out with the kids and be rough and tumble. He is probably best suited to older children because of this. His natural tendency is to jump up and use his front feet, usually just for a happy greeting, so training should be implemented early to suppress this desire. He is highly intelligent and learns quickly and easily, but he does have a stubborn streak, though it is all in good fun.

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The Boxer is a faithful and affectionate dog who adores his family. A socially well-developed Boxer gets along with anyone, including other dogs in the family. He also readily accepts cats into his social circle, if he is taught well. Other animals, such as livestock, might be viewed as prey and a large temptation to a Boxer. Make sure they are not left unsupervised with these animals.

Boxers make excellent guard dogs, though familiar people are welcome to them. They are often used in police units and military work due to their protective instincts.

Boxers do much better in households that have a dominant personality within them. The Boxer is truly happy to take a back seat to the rest of the family, but, if given the opportunity, he will rise to pack leader early. A meek owner is going to cause problems for both the family and the Boxer. Daily exercise, both physically and mentally, is crucial for a happy and healthy dog.

The Boxer is consistently ranked as one of the most popular breeds to own.

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