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Pomeranians are thought to come from wolf-spitz dogs. The wolf-spitz dogs came from the north of Russia and Siberia. The larger versions were used as guard and sledge animals. The smaller versions became the house pets.

The Pomeranian became a popular breed during the Queen Victoria's reign.
The Queen liked the smaller version called the "Toy Pomeranian" which weighted around 11 pounds. The "Toy" prefix was dropped from their name after 1915 and they became the standard Pomeranian.

The painting "Marco on the Queen's Breakfast Table" by Charles Burton Barber in 1893 shows a Pomeranian on the breakfast table.

Pomeranians are a small dog with a thick double coat of hair. Their hair consists of a harsh outer coat and an undercoat that is soft, thick and short.

The softness of the fur makes for a great lap dog and the color of their nose varies just as much as their fur.

There are many different colors ranging from red, orange, white, cream, blue, brown, black, black and tan, wolf sable, orange sable, brindle and parti-colored, which is white with colored markings. The black Pomeranian is rare.

The teeth are small and have a scissor bite. They have dark almond shaped eyes that are medium in size.

The temperament of a Pomeranian can be uncontrollable if not trained. The first thing to do when getting a Pomeranian is to make sure it knows you are boss.

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They still have the wolf instinct in them and want to find out who the leader of the pack will be. If they can be the leader of the pack they will.

As the leader of the pack they will bark at you to try to tell you what they want you to do.
Make sure you train your Pomeranian when they are young as this will be set in stone and harder to get out of their behavior later in life.

They do not like to be around small children that are still too young to know how to treat them.

Pomeranians will try to show the child that they are above them in the pack. They are thought to be cocky and yappy little dogs.

Any yappy or ill-tempered behavior should not be allowed but with sufficient practice and training, you will have a great little pet. The Pomeranian can be a great pet for seniors because they get more of the one on one attention they want. Seniors like the protection and are able to take more time to keep them happy.

Pomeranians are very loyal dogs. They are also very intelligent. They will bark when someone comes to your door or if a stranger comes near, making them a great watch dog.

When they have been properly trained, Pomeranians can be the perfect house pet. They are shown in pet shows following orders and enjoying doing what their master or pack leader tells them what to do.
It's also worth noting that they can be very picky eaters.

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