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Dog Breeds/Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is known for being a brave dog. This particular breed started in South Africa and can be traced all the way back to there, where it was used to hunt lions and other animals.

Some of its other names included the African Lion Hound and the African Lion Dog. This breed of dog was very good at distracting a lion while its owner made the kill.

rhodesian ridgeback, dog, purebred dog
Image from Pixabay via Couleur

The breed was chosen because a tough dog that was resistant to disease and a fast runner was needed for hunting purposes.

These dogs were usually sent out in packs of two to assist a hunter that was going after a lion. Today, the breed is used to help athlete's train.

This dog breed has a distinguishing feature. It has a ridge of hair running down its back that grows in the opposite direction as the rest of the coat.

The coat has three whorls, or "crowns" behind the shoulder blades ending at the hips.

Depending on if they are male or female, they can weigh between 70 - 85 pounds.

They are very muscular looking dogs and have a beautiful look about them. Their coat should be short and glossy in appearance and well-maintained.

This breed can make for an excellent guard dog if proper training takes place. They are of high intelligence and will most likely ignore a stranger rather than challenge him.

Proper training includes positive reinforcement training with a reward-based system in place. This breed requires much socialization and consistency.

If a potential owner cannot offer these requirements, they should consider getting a different breed.

They can be loving and protective animals, but it is recommended that this dog be reserved for experienced dog owners.

These sensitive dogs should not be handled roughly. Any form of harsh training methods would be inappropriate for this breed and could be damaging.

Someone with patience and consistency could properly train this dog to be a great hunting dog. They are very intelligent and loyal to their owners.

They understand discipline, but they realize what is fair and must be treated fairly for them to respect you. They have been known to be very protective and of their owners and their families. Their high intelligence allows them to decipher other things that other dogs might not be able to pick up on.

If they trust their owners, they will be loyal and protective to the end.

The beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback can make for a wonderful hunting dog and pet. Proper training is vital and only a person with patience should consider owning a dog such as this. You have to be willing to put in the time and consistency necessary to properly train this dog to enjoy its many benefits. When the right person is paired with this dog, it can be a match that will become a life-long bond.

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