Teach a Puppy Not to Jump Up

Puppies love to jump and without knowing it, we often encourage them to jump more. Consider that when you arrive home from work, your puppy jumps up at you and receives attention and maybe even a hug. If you push your puppy down after repeated jumps, he’ll think you’re playing and just continue to jump more. The cycle continues and before long, you have a jumper on your hands and one that will jump on visitors as well.

Like other behaviors, you need to teach your pup that jumping up on you is unacceptable. The best way to curb the behavior is to ignore it. Instead of letting your dog jump all over you, wait until she has calmed down to let her out of her cage. If she’s not crate training, have a basket of toys nearby so that you can offer her a toy and redirect her attention. 

If your puppy insists on jumping on you, turn you back until he stops. When he gives up, turn around and praise him for not jumping. If he has learned the command to sit, you can also tell him to “sit” when he starts to jump. No matter how you go about teaching your dog not to jump on you, make sure you keep the method consistent. Also remember that in order to teach your pet not to jump on other people, you have to start with yourself. It’s counterproductive to teach your puppy not to jump on visitors when he’s allowed to jump up and lick you.

A simple rule to remember is that you only give your puppy attention when all fours are on the floor. Make sure that everyone else in the family is aware of this rule so that your puppy has consistency. As much as you may want to run to your dog after a long day of work, be sure to keep your own excitement down as well. Your pet senses your emotions and will become more excited if you are. Until your dog is through the jumping stage, not making eye contact with her until she has calmed down is the best tactic to use. 

Like other training methods, be sure to offer your pup lots of praise when she does stop jumping. You can have practice sessions as well by inviting over a friend and practicing the no jumping rule. Make sure your friend has a small treat to offer praise. Also help your dog to achieve success by predicting certain situations that may entice him to jump. Plan ahead, have a toy to use as distraction or warn a guest about not giving attention until your pup has calmed down. 

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