Teach a Puppy to Sit

Teaching your puppy to sit is part of obedience training and is a useful command that teaches your pup social etiquette �" at least in a dog’s world. When you first start working with your puppy, do short sessions of ten minutes so that your pet won’t become bored. If he seems disinterested, stop the lesson and try again later. Have small treats on hand so that you can reward your puppy and offer plenty of positive praise.

When teaching your puppy to sit, use the simple command “sit”. Speak it clearly so that your puppy begins to associate the word with the behavior. Work in a small area that doesn’t have a lot of distraction so that you are the focus of the lesson. Have your puppy stand in front of you and hold a treat in your hand over her head. Your pup will look up at your hand and be curious as to what’s in it. Keep your hand in the same position and use your other hand to gently push your dog into a sitting position.

As your puppy begins to sit, say the word “sit” in a clear, firm manner. When your pup sits, give him the treat and offer lots of praise. Examples include a good rub down or belly pat. If your puppy tries to jump up and take the treat from your hand, say “No!” and gently guide him back down to a sitting position. These short training sessions will eventually teach your dog that when you say the command “Sit!” your dog will sit and be rewarded for it.

You may also find that it’s useful to pair the word “sit” with a gesture. You can use a closed fist for example, and all you’ll have to do in the future is show her the fist and she’ll know to sit. You can use the command in a variety of situations such as before serving her a bowl of food or while putting on her leash. This politeness command teaches your furry friend that like humans, she too must act polite in order to receive what she needs. 

Like any training session, it’s important that you choose a time of day where both you and your puppy are refreshed. If you get frustrated, your pet will sense your emotions and be discouraged from learning the command. Some pets are more teachable than others, so be sure to offer the training session several times a day in short sessions until your pet grasps the concept. Before long, he’ll be able to respond to your command without needing a treat. 

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