The Top Ten Reasons To Train Your Dog

How many of the millions of dogs that are killed every year in shelters and rescue organizations come from homes where owners never thought to train or socialize their dogs? Too many. Most of the dogs I see in shelters and rescue organizations are there because the dogs got too big after growing up, or owners never took the time to train their puppies or dogs when they brought the dog home. Puppy training is vital to a healthy and happy dog and to keep pets out of shelters. Regardless of how you end up together and at what age, a canine is never too old or too young to be trained or socialized. In fact, if you stop training or socializing your dog to new sounds, smells, environments, people and other dogs, their behavior will likely get worse not better.

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While some breeds are inherently more intelligent than others and some work harder and are more driven, any dog can be trained and socialized to some extent. To what extent is for you to figure out and to explore together. Just as you would want the best for your children and want them to achieve all that they can in life, as a pet guardian it is your responsibility to bring out the best in your dog and to achieve the best family pet and canine good citizen possible.

It is important to remind yourself that dogs don't come into this world speaking English, Swahili or any other language. They understand and respond better to body language and actions then human words. If you want to train your dog fast and efficiently, speak less and be cognizant of your body language, facial movements and actions. Most professional dog trainers and people who use dogs for work employ subtle hand, feet, arm, leg movement and facial expressions, rather than verbal language, to converse with their dogs. We need to teach dogs through positive reward based training how to make those associations and to do the requests that we want them to perform. Once you understand canines and how to communicate with one another your relationship will blossom and form into the one you dreamt of, a great bond with your best friend.

Here are just a few of the reasons to dog train. Always consider health and age when training and exercising a dog.

1) So you don't end up in a bad relationship and so your dog/s don't end up abandoned and in a shelter or rescue organization.
2) Humans have problems in their relationships when communication breaks down. Relationships amongst canines have to be clear and simple. KISS (keep it simple stupid) is a great reminder when trying to communicate with your dog. Train your best friend to make your lives together happy and last a life time.
3) So you, family, friends, or anyone your dog/s encounter don't get molested, jumped on, harassed or bitten.
4) So you can take your dog confidently anywhere dogs are allowed in public.
5) To instill a sense of pride and confidence in your pup.
6) To instill confidence in your dog and make them want to train and behave more to please you.
7) Why did you get your dog? Whatever the reason, train your dog to enhance your relationship and bond with them.
8) Want to set a great example in your neighborhood and wherever you go together? Train your dog to set a great example for all of your friends and fellow dog owners.
9) Your trained dog will help teach your other dogs good behavior so they have a great role model to follow.
10) Training your dog is just plain fun and cool!

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