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THREE Easy Steps That You Can Do To Build Eye Contact With Your Dog

One of the most important things that you need to teach your dog is eye contact. You can always tell when a dog is truly well trained when you see them constantly looking up at their owners. Teaching your dogs to make eye contact with you is fantastic and should be incorporated into all of your training sessions.

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One of the benefits of your dog making eye contact is that it is almost like they are constantly looking up at you to make sure that they are doing the right thing.

You can train your dog to increase their eye contact fairly simply. I like to do it when playing with my dog. Here are three steps to building eye contact with your dog while playing a game with them.

1. We are going to be playing with one of our dog's favourite toys, it can be a ball or a rubber toy, just about anything that your dog likes to play with will work. We are going to show them the toy, but not let them have it. You can hold it behind your back or just hold it on the ground.
2. Your dog will most likely focus all their attention on the toy and may try to get it from you, but don't let them have it. We are going to wait for the dog to stop looking at the toy and look up at us. In the beginning it may take a long time for them to look up, but it will get easier the more you repeat it.
3. When your dog finally looks up at you as if to say when are we going to play, that is when you can praise your dog and give them the toy to play with. Then you just need to repeat this process a few times until your dog looks up at you as soon as you take away the toy.

This process can be done in a variety of situations. Try it before giving your dog their dinner or any other food reward. When you are training your dog you can also wait for them to make eye contact with you before you reward them.

You will see a noticeable improvement in your dog after a few weeks of working on this with your dog. In the end you will have a much more enjoyable dog to work with and live with.

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